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First Steps to Future Success
From 6 months to 5 years old
0208 866 1855
0208 866 1855

Delivering Learning

Each child has an on-line Learning Journey, which is based closely on the Early Years Foundation Stage document. We use observations to monitor, record and plan for each child. Our environment, which consists of Montessori material and a variety of other resources, is carefully designed to respond to childrens needs and help achieve their goalsWe encourage the children to access all activities and equipment and, where the need arises, the environment and activities within it are adapted to facilitate the inclusion of all. 

Each classroom is set up to meet these needs and the room, activities and routines of each room will be adapted as and when needed to meet the on-going needs of the children. Staff are encouraged to ask children for their preferences with regard to resources and activities and they will modify learning plans according to the child’s interests.

Parents can monitior their child’s progress by accessing their child’s on-line learning journey. The learning journeys will hold photographs, observations and reports. Parents will have a parent conference at the beginning of each term and a Parents evenings at the end of each 12 week period. These provide parents an opportuntiy to meet with keyworkers and discuss progress and next steps. Progress reports are produced every 6 weeks and Summative Reports are written every 12 weeks. These reports provide the keywoker and the Parents with a summary of where each child is at within the seven areas of learning; including what age band they are in, which development statements they have achieved and which statements they are working towards.  On each child’s report, parents can see what their child’s next steps are and what they can do at home to support their child.

At Oak Lee we strongly believe that children can learn anything as long as it is delivered in a way that is fun and age appropriate. As such we explore a wide variety of topics and encourage children, through a range of adult initiated and child initiated activities, to stretch their imaginations and challenge their thinking. We work in partnership with parents in providing them knowldge of our topics and themes so they can also support their child’s learning.