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First Steps to Future Success
From 6 months to 5 years old
0208 866 1855
[email protected]
0208 866 1855
[email protected]


French    French lessons are included in the fees and are offered to children who are 3 years and above. We have a French teacher, from Les Gamins Francais, who conducts these lessons at the Nursery once a week on a Thursday afternoon at Love Lane and Wednesdays at West End Lane.

ICT        Click IT!, an ICT company  that specialises in teaching ICT to children under 5 years,  provide weekly computer lessons for ALL children between 2 and 5 years old. These lessons are included in the fees. Further details on Click IT! can be found on the 'Links' section on main menu tool bar.

Yoga     Yoga classes are delivered throughout the week as part of our curriculum by trained classroom teachers, this is for all children 6 months to 5 years.

Tennis    Tennis classes are for all children aged 3+, they are held on a Wednesday morning and afternoon.  It is a structured training programme, all childrens progress is monitored.  These classes are delivered by MatchPro tennis whose coaches are all LTA qualified. These are all included in the fees.

Music & Movement    Music & Movement classes are on a Thursday*. Music & Movement classes are included in the fees.  Further details can be found on the ‘Links’ section on main menu tool bar.

Parents’ Forum     Our Parents’ Forum is held three times a year and provides an opportunity for parents’ to be a part of the process of helping the Nursery maintain and improve our  high standard of care and education. We value feedback from parents and this can be done via telephone conversations, one to one discussions, email directly to the Manager and owner, a suggestion box and questionnaires.

Parents’ Information Evening    We regularly hold informative meetings on how we monitor and record each child’s progress, on the Oak Lee Method of Teaching and Private School Assessment Process. These are delivered by the owner, Meera Bhogal and our staff team. We also ask outside specialists to host events, such as Treating Illnesses using Homeopathy and Food & Nutrition for Early Years.

Celebrating Festivals      We celebrate all festivals that are special to the staff and children at the Nursery by hosting parties and activity sessions. We welcome parents at these events.

Charity Events    Supporting and raising money for charities is an important part of Oak Lee. We host events that involve the children, parents, staff and the wider community.  We select two charities each year and host one event for each.   

Coffee Mornings:   Senior Oak Lee staff host a coffee morning four times a year as an opportunity for parents to meet each other.

‚Äč*West End lane, classes held on Monday after Easter 2017