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From 6 months to 5 years old
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0208 866 1855
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Our son has been at the nursery for a year, from being an 11 month old baby and is now off to a new nursery closer to home, we were so sad to say goodbye.

The wonderful staff have supported him through many stages of development in a lovely nurturing environment, through feeding himself, learning to talk and walk.  They have always been incredibly caring and encouraging.

He has always been so happy and excited about going to the nursery, which speaks volumes about the atmosphere that the team have created for the children.

I would thoroughly recommend Oak Lee, as staff really do go the extra mile and genuinely care for the children’s best interests.

Mr and Mrs Patel, October 2017.


Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Oak Lee and will miss everyone there. It’s been wonderful to watch him grow and develop into the confident, social, kind and polite little boy that he now is, and we will always be grateful for all the hard work that all the staff have put in with him.  He has learnt so many difficult skills and will carry these with him to his new school. 

Thank you all so much!

Mr and Mrs Kotecha, August 2017.


We think Oak Lee has been a fantastic setting for Dilan.  We believe he has benefitted from the care, the structure and ethos of Oak Lee which has laid the foundation for future development and achievement at his new school, St. John’s.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Oak Lee to any prospective parents.

Mr and Mrs Inamdar, August 2017.


Our daughter was at Oak Lee for almost 3 years, during that time we have seen her grow and develop into a confident, independent and sociable little girl.

Oak Lee has prepared her well for the transition to school.  Examples of this include wearing a uniform, click-it computer lessons, school trips and formally shaking hands with the door duty senior each day.

The nursery’s strong ethos of healthy eating and living (e.g. yoga and tennis) would be more difficult to find at many other settings.  We particularly like the structured yet nurturing environment Oak Lee offers.

Our daughter has settled in quickly and has always been happy during her time there.  We have enjoyed getting involved and working in partnership with Oak Lee.  I think a real testament is the fact our second child will start Oak Lee very soon!

Our daughter said she has “enjoyed playing and doing the activities”, in particular she mentioned the floor mats, blocks and role play area. Being helper at lunch time makes her happy and gives her a sense of pride. She is excited about big school but will miss all her friends and teachers. 

Thank you Meera and the entire Oak Lee team for making her first experience of education such a great one.

Mr and Mrs Gandhi, August 2017.


From enrolment through to graduation, both children have remained happy and healthy!  It was a pleasure to develop and maintain a constructive relationship with the staff.

Our children have received an amazing start to their education.  The dedication of all the staff at Oak Lee have made to our children happy, healthy and allowed them to make friendships, with both teachers and peers, we hope will last for years ahead!

Thank you all!

Mr and Mrs Patel, August 2017.


Oak Lee has been a fantastic school for both our girls – helping them grow with a multi-faceted approach.

The team truly aims to engage the children in new topics and activities, employing an array of tools and methods to expand their horizons.  Their developmental support has been great as well, be it with independent eating or toilet training.  We are very happy with the time the girls have spent here and will truly miss Oak Lee.

Mr and Mrs Shah, August 2017.


Allowing others to take care of your children is always difficult – but Oak Lee and all the staff have been so supportive and focused on our son and helped him flourish into a happy and confident little man!  This is a testament to the teachers and the processes that are there to ensure the children come first and we are glad we chose Oak Lee for our son and now our daughter.

Mr and Mrs Gul, August 2017.


Dear Katy and Meera,

What can we say except a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Although our son’s time with you was short due to the fact we recently moved back to the UK, it has really paid off when you consider the progress he has made in these few months. We have seen him blossom into a confident little person.  He has really enjoyed his time at Oak Lee, he is enthusiastic about everything he does at nursery, and recalls his activities during the day with us, with a beaming smile on his face. We will miss you all!

Mr and Mrs Popat, August 2017 – West End Lane site.


Dear Oak Lee staff,

We would like to thank you for all the love, care and support that both our boys have received over the last 6 years, it is now the end of an era for us as a family.  We will miss you all dearly as you have become a big part of the boys early years.

Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Oak Lee and has learnt a lot to help him flourish and be ready for ‘big school’, which he is so excited about as he will be joining his big brother. He has created lasting memories with all his friends and teachers who he talks about all the time!

You all do a great job with all the children – keep up the good work!

Mr and Mrs Raval, August 2017.


1. The school are guiding us effectively in finding the best primary school for our son. Keyworkers have provided a consistent and stimulating environment to help him achieve this goal.
2. The school has a clear and effective communication process with parents, including progress reports, email updates and various parent evenings.  We have learnt how to apply your teaching methodology through home activities and other social activities.
3. Here are some examples of what we have heard from our son about his time at Oak Lee: He likes to participate in small tasks and is always proud of his helper badge.  When he demonstrates a new skill to us, he says “my teachers showed/taught me how to do this.”  He gained the interests in reading at Oak Lee and can memorise and recite long stories with vivid expressions.

Mr and Mrs Wang, August 2017.


Our daughter has had a wonderful 2 years plus at Oak Lee.  She has grown and flourished in so many ways, coming out of her comfort zone and growing in confidence. All of the keyworkers that she has had have always been positive and worked with me and taking into account my views and comments to support her in her learning and play. They have been a great team and we will miss them all. Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Sothiratnam, August 2017.


Our son joined Oak Lee at 11 months and is leaving a month before his 4th birthday.

The staff, in particular his keyworkers, have always kept us informed and supported us as new parents. 

The nursery has played a key part in his development, which we believe has helped to secure his place at St. Martin’s 3+.

We were really impressed with the variety of meals available and the nursery’s routine. In addition, the French classes and Tennis lessons were something he enjoyed and was always a topic of conversation.

As parents, it has been a pleasure seeing Ravi form close relationships, develop his language and receive compliments on his behaviour, something we feel Oak Lee has helped to shape.

We decided to place Ravi at Oak Lee based on a recommendation from a friend.  Our daughter is already on the waiting list to join next year!

Mr and Mrs Patani, August 2017.


Thanks for everything that your team has done for our daughter.  She loves going to the nursery and that itself is testament to your team’s awesomeness.

She has developed some amazing relationships with her peers, teachers and staff; which she is definitely going to miss.

She had an amazing journey at the nursery and had a wonderful learning experience. 

We are so please as well as sad that she is leaving to go to big school, but will always remember her time at Oak Lee with fondness.

Mr and Mrs Goel, July 2017 – West End Lane site.


My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Oak Lee, I’m sad that he’s having to leave before the end of the summer semester.

He often brings up Oak Lee in his conversations and has a big smile on his face every time we drive past the nursery.

He greets his peers and teachers with hello’s and make it known that he is very happy to be at nursery.

Ms Chhabra, June 2017.


We are in no doubt that our child has thoroughly enjoyed her three years at Oak Lee.  We have seen her enthusiasm for learning grow day by day and she often spends the whole evening at home talking about what she and her friends have been doing that day.  

We have been particularly impressed with how the staff at Oak Lee have opened her eyes to the outside world, enabling her to learn so much about different people and cultures.  It has been fun for us as parents hearing such detailed descriptions of festivals and celebrations we otherwise knew so little about

We have also been pleased with her introductions to French, IT and Yoga.  Ahana would often come home and test us on the new French words she has learnt and we have seen her confidently sit at a computer screen and carry out basic IT tasks. 

Ahana is very excited to go to ‘big school’, and we believe Oak Lee has been the perfect preparation for the next stage in her education. She often talks about her teachers as if they are her friends and we are sure she will leave Oak Lee this week with many happy memories.

Mr and Mrs Ganguly, June 2017.


Dear Oak Lee Team,

We would like to thank the whole Oak Lee team for everything that you have done for our daughter.  You have all played a huge part in helping her grow into the girl she is today, and for that we are truly grateful. We know she will miss you all and will leave with some very happy memories indeed. It will be very strange not to have Oak Lee in our daily routine and lives.  We will all miss Oak Lee!!!

Mr and Mrs Shah, August 2016.


To all the Oak Lee staff,

We would like to thank you all for teaching our son since he came to the nursery as a young boy in your baby unit, and worked his way up through the rooms. He has developed well and is excited to join his sister at Orley Farm!

Mr and Mrs Parmar, August 2016.


Dear Staff,

Our daughter has developed into a confident, inquisitive and caring little girl with the help of the Oak Lee staff. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers who have nurtured her.  I have always had confidence in the care and education provided by you and would highly recommend to anyone considering sending their child here. What a great place for young minds to develop and grow.

Mrs Patel, August 2016.


Dear Meera and the Oak Lee team,

Sending our daughter to Oak Lee has been the best decision we have made. We never had to worry about whether she would be OK as we knew she would be. Saying thank you doesn’t even begin to show our appreciation to all the staff and what they have done for our daughter. Her experience at nursery has been such a positive one, with the teachers providing an environment of patience, creativity and love.

The teacher’s at Oak Lee were not only teachers, but aso friends, guides and authority all rolled into one. We will always be grateful for the support and kindness you have provided during her four years at Oak Lee.

There are so many things she will miss, from the Christmas concert, to watching the chicks hatch each year to learning something new each day.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the teachers for all the time, effort and dedication each and every one of you put in to making her time at Oak Lee special.

Mrs Darji, August 2016.


To all the Oak Lee staff,

Thank you to all the staff at Oak Lee. You have been great teachers to both my daughters. Keep up the good work. Oak Lee is the best nursery.

Mrs Tailor, August 2016.


Dear Oak Lee,

We would like to thank all of the wonderful staff at Oak Lee for providing our son with a fantastic start to his early learning years. Not only has he progressed educationally but emotionally as well. Each morning he looks forward to school, and by the end of the day he is bursting to tell us all about it!
We really appreciate the warm and nurtuing environment he has had at Oak Lee and can’t thank you enough!

Mr and Mrs Chadha, August 2016.


Dear Oak Lee staff,

We would like to thank you all for the care, love and support that both our children have received.  Both our girls have learnt so much from an academic standpoint but also on a personal level.  Oak Lee has surpassed our expectations in every way.

Mr and Mrs Manga, August 2016.


To all the staff at Oak Lee,

Thank you for helping our daughter blossom into a confident and happy little girl. She has had so much fun during her time at Oak Lee.  She adores all her teachers and has made some very special friendships.  We have felt thoroughly confident in your care for her and have felt that she has always been safe and happy.  We will all miss Oak Lee!!

Mr and Mrs Rao, August 2016.


Dear Meera and the staff at Oak Lee,

We would like to say a big thank you for all the help and support in taking care of our daughter and building her confidence and skills to prepare her for school. We are very proud of her achievements and the little person she has become since her time at Oak Lee. She has really enjoyed her time at nursery and looks forward to her nursery days, especially to see her friends and teachers. She will miss you all!
We are very happy with all the staff at Oak Lee who work hard and continue to do so to make the nursery setting a caring and friendly environment. Keep up the good work!!

Mr and Mrs Bhandari, August 2016.


Dear all the Oak Lee staff,

We have had a positive experience with Oak Lee and have been happy with the care our child received. She is well settled and enjoys her time at Oak Lee and enjoys the variety of cooked meals she is given. Thank you for the peace of mind we have had while she has been with Oak Lee.

Mr and Mrs Chohan, March 2016.


Dear Meera,

As parents, we always want the best for our children.  In Oak Lee Montessori, we found the perfect environment and playform for our child to start his educational journey.  We had been truly astounded by the positive influences on our childs intellectual, social and physical development.  The knowledge and insight he acquired from your staff through the curriculum that had been thoughtfully developed has never failed to amaze us.  He will surely miss his times with your staff and we know that he will treasure these memories fondly.

Mr and Mrs Neo, June 2015.