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…to Oak Lee Montessori School

The pre-school years are an important time for both parents and children. During this time children will learn many of the life skills they will use to support them on their journey into adulthood. Oak Lee is an inclusive, safe and secure environment in which the children progress and develop at their own pace and, are provided with opportunities to flourish and thrive in all aspects of their development. We aim to work together with families to make the pre-school years a rewarding and happy experience.

With our unique Oak Lee method, our commitment to pastoral care and our expertise in child development, we have created a setting in which every child develops a sense of curiosity, an ability to think critically and be resilient. We work closely with families to lay the foundation for each child’s future, ensuring they have every opportunity to develop to their full potential. At Oak Lee each child is respected as an individual and treated equally irrespective of gender, race or culture.