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At Oak Lee we strongly believe that children can learn anything as long as it is delivered in a way that is fun and age appropriate.

Our environment, which consists largely of Montessori material and a variety of other resources, is carefully designed through observations of the children and responding to their growing needs, abilities and interests, helping them achieve their goals. We encourage the children to access all activities and equipment, which cover all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and the environment and activities within it are adapted to facilitate the inclusion of all.

We explore a wide variety of engaging topics and encourage children, through a combination of child-initiated and adult-led learning opportunities, to stretch their imaginations and challenge their thinking.

We believe that parent-partnership is key in supporting a child’s development and we work closely with families to support their child’s learning and well-being. Our experienced Early years team observe, assess and plan for each child in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage and produce detailed summative progress reports approximately every 12 weeks at the end of each term’s learning.

Parents are invited to join us for Parents Evenings three times a year following the reports, and we also hold parent conference meetings regularly throughout the year to provide an opportunity to work with their child’s keyworker to plan for each individual child both at home and at nursery. We provide Parents with knowledge of our topics and themes, offering home activity ideas and practical ways to enhance their child’s learning outcomes.