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Cooked fresh on site

All of our food is cooked and freshly prepared in our wonderful 5 star-rated kitchen at the Love Lane nursery, providing nutritional meals and snacks every day, in accordance with your child’s needs and sessions with us.

Meat and vegetarian options

Our menus are well balanced, low in salt, refined sugar and we avoid using colourants. Our food is made with fresh, organic ingredients wherever possible, and we do not add salt to any of our foods. The dishes are designed to encourage children to explore and experience dishes from around the World, encompassing different textures and flavours, with meat and vegetarian options available.

A healthy-balanced diet

It is important for the children to discover where their food comes from, as well as the benefits of a healthy-balanced diet.  The children are involved in preparing salads for their lunches on a weekly basis.  We focus on “eating the rainbow” and a diet rich in a variety of vegetables and fruit.

Learning about food

Our cooks will visit the children in their classrooms to support the teaching team with exploring the fresh, raw ingredients that are going to be used that day, encouraging the children to show an interest in and understand a need for a variety of foods, such as kohlrabi, purple carrots and coriander.

Recipes to try at home

Due to the popularity of our food and our passion for parent-partnership we now share our recipes with our families – please see Recipes.

Strict food hygiene standards

We adhere to strict Health and Safety and Food Hygiene standards, with all food handlers holding a Food Hygiene qualification. All our settings are Nut Free Zones.

Catering to your child’s dietary needs

Our staff team have experience of working with dieticians, nutritionists, and paediatricians in helping with allergies, intolerances, and other food related issues.  Our Managers and Owner are experienced at supporting Parents who feel their children are “fussy eaters”.

If your child has any particular dietary requirements, we will be happy to discuss these with you.