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Why Montessori?

Montessori is a proven and powerful method of education, which draws on a deep understanding of how children learn. We know that every child is unique, but each one carries with them an intrinsic motivation to learn and it is our responsibility to support them in reaching their full potential.

Our carefully prepared environment is specifically designed to “follow the child” and meet their growing needs and interests. Our experienced practitioners carefully observe and listen in order to create a stimulating and fun environment, which challenges and empowers their young minds.

The Montessori material and all other resources used in our classrooms are carefully designed and placed to meet the developmental needs of the children and will be guided as such towards particular activities to enhance their learning. Knowing that everything within the environment has been carefully considered to enrich early learning goals and meet the needs of the children within it, the children are given controlled freedom within the classroom, free to choose materials that they would like to work with. This in turn supports the child with building responsibility and confidence, whilst at the same time learning with enthusiasm.

Children work in groups and individually to discover and build knowledge across the areas of learning, developing fundamental social and emotional skills and preparing them for a lifetime of positive interactions in all aspects of life.

Our thoughtfully constructed outdoor spaces are placed at equal value and as an extension to our indoor learning environments, providing added challenges, experiences and exploration of the Natural world around them.