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Visitor policy

For safeguarding, emergency and security reasons, we will keep a record of all visitors to our settings.  On arrival, all visitors will be asked to identify themselves and will be matched against an appointment. If an unplanned visitor arrives we will ask for identification and the reason for their visit.

All visitors, such as those attending a tour of the nursery, will be accompanied at all times during their time at the nursery. Visitors must sign the visitor’s book on entering and leaving the building, and will be given a Visitor’s badge which should be returned as they leave (those attending a scheduled tour will not need to sign the book, as we have their details on record).

Regular visitors, such as the French Teacher and Music and Movement teacher, who attend at the same time each week, do not need to sign the visitor’s book unless they come at a different time to their allocated time.

All Visitors are informed of our ‘No mobile phone policy’ and are asked to leave their phones in their pocket/bags whilst attending a tour of the nursery and in their bags for all other visitors.

Scheduled builders or maintenance people who may be left unattended must leave their phones in the office with the admin team.